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MAP Rewarder: Paid Out Rewards to Delegators for 15 Jul 2019 (19.1% APR) plus MAPX and ONECENT TokenssteemCreated with Sketch.

in palnet •  last month  (edited)

This week's distributed profits are 0.366%, equivalent to 19.1% APR.

Total rewards to delegators, including bonuses, are 0.384%, or 20.0% APR.

This is the new style weekly report; you can view the old style here.

MAPR: The Numbers

All these numbers relate to a 7-day period (Monday to Sunday) and calculated in STEEM per SP.

Value of Steem upvotes = APR 21.3% [1]
Value of Steem rewards payouts = APR 15.6% [2]

Distributed MAPR payouts = 0.366% (APR 19.1%) [3]
Total MAPR payouts = 0.384% (APR 20.0%) [4]

[1] Theoretical maximum value of Steem upvotes, assuming 10 full upvotes at 100% power for 7 days, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[2] Theoretical value of Steem upvote author rewards, assuming 25% curation rewards, 50-50 split of post payouts and SBD print rate, averaged over 7 days and expressed as an APR.
[3] MAP Rewarder distributed payout sent to delegators this week.
[4] Total payouts for the week, including bonus upvotes, free full upvote, free SBI and this week's distribution. This increases our overall payouts to about 90% of gross income.

Our MAPR distribution [3] is much higher than the average blockchain author rewards [2].

Also, the total amount MAPR has given out as distribution, prizes and upvotes, [4] is much higher than [2] and now almost as high as [1].

Profits will be paid today to SP delegators in STEEM.


Our returns this week of 19.1% APR (20.0% including bonuses) are significantly higher than most bidbots as shown on iSteemd, with most in the 14-16% range. The modal class for leases on Minnowbooster (now Dlease) is currently 18-20% APR. It is thus more profitable for many users to delegate to MAPR than most other sources of passive income, especially for modest delegations.

This is a challenging time on the Steem blockchain. The Dollar price of STEEM and SBD lead to the inevitable drop in activity; this manifests in the slight increase in blockchain rewards APR. On the one hand, this may seem good for MAPR, but the drop in activity means fewer earning opportunities; we have a fairly large account now and upvotes have to be strategic.

The slight drop compared to last week is due to both the assimilation of a large new delegation and the sudden changes in STEEM prices. The actual market price of STEEM makes little difference to our profits, but a mixture of parameters means we do best when the price is relatively stable.

This is a good time to remind delegators that it actually takes two weeks for any new delegation to fully earn its weight in rewards: 7 days of upvotes plus 7 days of reward payouts. However, most delegators are not going to wait 2 weeks to be paid out, hence we have a sliding scale of payouts depending on the day of delegation. You can read the details in this article: Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts.

In recent weeks, our blockchain rewards income has been supplemented with income from tokens on Steem Engine. This week has seen a significant rise in profits from this source, largely from trading activities. The launch of our own ONECENT has also seen active trading in this token; we hope this will bring in some extra profits going forward. All such off-chain activity is managed with the aim of securing new sources of income for MAPR; such income will be added to our on-chain SP as and when needed.

Benefits of Delegating to MAP Rewarder

The fundamental aim of MAPR is to earn a large enough income so that the distributed weekly STEEM is as close as possible to the Steem blockchain's value for a full upvote. This means delegators will be earning far more than the author rewards for a self-upvote.

The extra bonuses, such as the random free upvotes and free MAPX tokens and SBI shares, are designed to make the MAPR benefits-curve slightly more profitable to low and middle SP delegators in percentage terms yet remain highly profitable in absolute STEEM terms to larger delegators.

For users with low to moderate amounts of STEEM, and desiring much larger upvotes, we created the MAPX token.

One last thing to mention is that although MAP Rewarder is focussed on earning STEEM for its delegators, it also has a secondary mission to support curators. This is a legacy from the days of the MAP Community and is done by the personal account of @rycharde.

Any further questions, please ask.

How to Delegate to MAP Rewarder

To delegate SP to MAP Rewarder, please read our Introduction document and the important update.

You can also delegate using these links:

50 SP, 60 SP, 70 SP, 80 SP, 90 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, Other.

Please note that the minimum delegation is now 50 SP. Any delegations below 50 SP will not be accepted.

To get similar benefits with a minimum of about 1 STEEM then see our new MAPX token below.

If you do not have spare SP to delegate, then you can still follow our Curation Trail or Fanbase on SteemAuto (or follow us on Steem Voter), and gain some higher-than-average curation rewards.

ONECENT Strategic Token Game

The ONECENT token game was launched just a few days ago.

The game still has a lot of mileage left as the early users figure out when and how to take profits, while new users can always make some quick profits as the price-points jump by one cent.

Check out: ONECENT: New Strategic Token Investment Game Now Open

New MAPX token launch

This is the launch of my new token, managed in a similar way to MAP Rewarder but with two distinct differences:

The key features that differentiate the MAPX token and MAP10K account from the existing MAP Rewarder project are the low entry cost and the increasing value due to compounding earnings.

New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth

There is also now a TOKENOMIX CONTEST to win free MAPX tokens - see the @map10k account for current active rounds.

MAPR Activity Bonuses

Life can be random, so why shouldn't we have random bonuses? Have been running them for many months and they seem to be popular - I mean, who doesn't like surprise gifts?

However, the Steem blockchain really needs more activity, specifically activity that generates rewards. So, as part of our (almost) daily random bonuses, I'm going to distribute more to those delegators who do more. This means I'll be looking at resteems, upvotes, comments and posts tagging @accelerator or linking to a MAPR post. I will check that any tags are meaningful and not attention-seeking spam-tags.

Anything that has rules can be gamed, so in that spirit I'm not going to set out any; just know that if some users seem to be extra lucky... they're not.

To those of you who upvote but are not delegators, MAPX token runs similar random bonuses and only requires a minimum of one staked token to participate. Also, those of you who do not post and just enjoy the high weekly payouts, that's fine, just know that these bonuses have been budgeted and make only a small difference to profits generated.

Steem Blockchain News

The Steem reward pool has lurched upwards again, now almost touching 900k STEEM. My thoughts on STEEM have already been expressed above in the MAPR News section.

With new Steem-linked tokenised platforms opening up, it is important that users select those niche communities, or tribes, that fit in with their blogging themes. This extra income, even if a fraction of the STEEM rewards, does add up and will be very important once HF21 kicks in.

I don't really wish to repeat what I have written about HF21 in my personal blog, so will just link to recent posts here and here. Once there is a definite date for HF21, then I shall write about how it may influence MAPR.

My concerns about the STEEM price and the extent of power-downs have not been misplaced. It is becoming important for the whole economy that those users with vested STEEM, meaning SP, actually use it even if they are not online or not blogging regularly. Setting an autovoter at, say, a minimum of 95% of VP means you'll be making some extra passive income and be able to manually upvote when online.

The only certainty is uncertainty... but it can be managed.

See you next week!

Next rewards distribution will be on Monday 22 July.

- - - - - -
Please Comment, Resteem and Upvote. Thanks!

@rycharde manages the MAP Rewarder high income program and MAPX Token.

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