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Keep In Mind That Splinterlands Is Just One Game On The Steem Blockchain, There Can Be Thousands

in battle •  last month  (edited)

Lol I almost called it Steem Monsters.

Like Splinterlands or not it is a great example of what a game can be on the steem blockhain and how it is a better experience for a gamer to own their assets then spend money or earn items that have no real world value. You might not get rich playing it but you are making a lot more than ANY other game out there. Your time and money are valuable and you should be treated well for being a loyal customer to a product.

But there is no reason there cannot be hundreds of games like this or even thousands. As the steem blockchain is open source any one can make a game on top of it and take advantage of the tools that other games will be lacking. There can be mmos, fighting games, card games, building sims and any other genre you can think of. There can be games that only put some side items on the steem blockchain or go heavy and design the whole game on the blockchain.

You might have heard the slogan before that steem is not steemit. And this is the reason why that is so important. Maybe you do not like steemit or Splinterlands but you are a fan of or steemleo. Or maybe there is a game coming out that you really want to play that utilises steem. And even if there isn't then you can design your own and get the perks from a community and a new coin. We are all in the steem ecosystem together and we need to think big. I do want to see Steemit kick off and it is great to have a hub with high traffic but every game and site that brings in new users is a boon to the blockchain.

We need to start looking outward and getting more indie developers to join our team. We have the power to support them and promote them with our community. And when one does well we all do well. We do not want to support any scam games that are just looking for a quick dollar (and people will try to make them) but there are a LOT of talents indie game devs out there who I would love to see join our team.

Lets get excited about the steem blockchain we are just scratching the surface of what we can do here. Think of it like a new game console (that can upgrade itself) that only has one or two launch titles. You know the good games are coming and will be for years and years. And if you are a programmer or know someone tell them to join us. With battle I can help promote their work.


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Think of it like a new game console (that can upgrade itself) that only has one or two launch titles

The STEEM blockchain is growing in utility every week. I'm viewing this on #mediaofficials yet another great site using the chain!

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